Dormers Wells Infant School

Dormers Wells Infant School

Parents views

Feedback on Survey of Parents’ / Carers’ Views, Autumn, 2013

Issue Raised

Actions taken

Next Steps


  • New teaching ideas
  • More Maths / English
  • More trips

The government has introduced a new curriculum for 2014 – 2015. Staff are receiving training and time to plan for this, including a review of trips offered. Maths & English opportunities are offered across the curriculum.

Owing to the cost of trips, we will also look at providing more workshops for the children, in school, as this is much more cost-effective for families, as well as additional workshops for parents / carers in curriculum areas, especially Maths & English.

Outdoor Environment:

  • More / better playground facilities
  • More play activities
  • More outdoor activities

New equipment has been installed, is in use in the Millennium Garden and expected to be completed by Easter in the main playground.

We are introducing a new P.E. curriculum, looking at new ideas for outdoor activities. Outdoor learning is planned as part of curriculum provision.

We are waiting for planning permission to further improve the play area in the Millennium Garden.

Further installations are planned for the Reception patio (once we know the outcome of our application for the Millennium Garden).

Pastoral Care:

  • Improve children’s behaviour at play
  • Teacher involvement with lunch break
  • Encourage children to eat at lunchtime
  • Give more attention to the children

We continue to employ a sports coach at lunchtime: provision is augmented by the presence of a growing number of Teaching Assistants on duty at lunchtime.

Teachers are preparing the afternoon’s sessions at this time.

Children are encouraged to eat their lunch but cannot be forced to do so.

We have a high level of support staff in post to ensure that children have plenty of help and care during the day.

A Play Therapist and a Family Support Worker will soon be joining our team, to further strengthen our provision.


We are planning some workshops for parents / carers, related to health and healthy eating; we hope to run these in the summer term.

Site Issues:

  • More gates to the rear of the building
  • Muddy footpaths
  • Congestion at Nursery gate
  • Entry / exit timings

We are unable to install wider gates or more gates, owing to the position of the entrance, near a bend in the road.

Entry times are staggered to allow time to access each side of the building, as we appreciate that it is a difficult site for parents / carers. Staff are aware that adults have to collect from both sides of the building at home-time. Nursery does not finish until 15.45.

We are considering significant drainage works to address the on-going issue of flooding across the site. Parents / carers will be informed when we have more details of this.

We continue to do as much as we can to improve our offer to our pupils and families. Improvement works and events are always reported in the newsletter so that you are kept informed of what we do. Some of your suggested improvements are, unfortunately, beyond our control.

Thank you for your input.          A. Briggs               Headteacher